Project is running smoothly

“Development of new inter-religious tools” is ongoing and running smoothly towards fulfillment of its goals and objectives. After what for some seems like a longer break, our next activity, the training for multipliers, is slowly approaching. But in order for that activity to run smoothly, and to have a purpose, we need to have our tools – board games- ready to be tested. As we said, for some it seemed like an extensive break, but for our participants from the Seminar, this period was work in progress. They worked, within their groups (some of them are still working full speed ahead) and made pilot versions of the board games that were drafted during the seminar. All of us from the organizing team, and our partners involved in this Capacity Building project, are eager to see what they have done, and how it will all look, while being tested during the Training for Multipliers in April.

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