29 September – 05 October 2018 – Thessaloniki, Greece

We are almost at the end. Our last mobility activity aimed to finalize the so far developed tools (board games) which will be able to be used in non-formal education.

During this Seminar we shared experience during local activity. Each country presented what they did on local level, how was process of testing, what we can improve in our games before final printing.

Seminar was last chance for last adopting of Board games and we did this.

Also we work on proposal for final design for printing. Manual with Tools/Board Games.

At the end of complete process we can say that we are very proud with our results. We have 3 board games for printing and one new tools for inter-religious dialogue. Games is: Life Pilgrimage, Holy memo and Infinity, Tool: Path

Now is time for finishing and preparing games for printing. Bravo for all of us

Our hosting for this Mobility activity was our partner from Greece, United Society of Balkans. Big thanks for great organization.

NGO Iuventa, Associazione TDM 2000, Beyond Barriers – Pertej Barrierave, BEES, Blink Kosova, Batman Fen Lisesi Mezunları Derneği, Intercultura Dinan, Nvo Prima, Crveni Križ NOVO SARAJEVO, United Societies of Balkans, Föreningen Framtidståget


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