1st Seminar has finished

Seminar in Vrnjacka Banja went in the best way imaginable. Our participants, Youth workers, creative minds from 11 different countries, came up with not only inventive board game concepts, but concepts with a good educational background – a tool.
This whole creative process started with an introduction, followed by different theoretical inputs, comparison of realities of each partner country, just to start identifying what are this tools meant for. Than it came down to developing, thinking and creating concepts. The last days of the seminar were used to test ideas, to see the first drafts of something that in the near future has a potential to become a great contribution to non formal education and developing and nurturing inter-religious dialogue among youngsters.
In the next months, participants will continue to work on their concepts. All of us have high expectations, but we are sure that they are achievable. Excited, we enter a new chapter, a chapter where these tools become something tangible.

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