About the project

We are all aware of constant raise of cultural and religious diversity in Europe. But we are also witnessing the raising of bigotry towards differences, especially when it comes to religion. As members of NGOs, Youth Workers and Youth Leaders working with youngsters, we try to discuss and tackle this and other topics in a safe environment, while opening young minds using non formal learning methods, workshops from manuals and toolkits. But when dealing with a highly sensitive topic, as interreligious dialogue, especially with young people involved, tools to use for this are very limited.

As Youth Workers, we feel the need to work more on this issue. With joined strengths, and strong will, together with our respective and experienced partners, we want to find creative methods for introducing interreligious dialogue to youngsters, but also a tool for promoting it. Many experienced textbook and methodology manuals writers have argued that games are not just time-filling activities but have a great educational value. Therefore, we come to an idea to create board games, specified for this topic and to be used in Non-formal learning.

The main aim of the project is to create and develop new Interreligious Dialogue - IRD tools/board games for development of youth workers and trainers.

- To develop competences of youth workers, leaders and trainers needed for working in intercultural and  inter-religious European societies.
- To share good practices in the field of IRD and ICD and using tools and methods for establishing and maintaining IRD in heterogenic religious communities
- to capacity building of partner organizations for implementing IRD activities in different contexts in order to improve state of pluralism of IRD and promoting diversity concept
- To explore, create and share relevant and effective tools working in a field of IRD as well to provide opportunity to testing these methods in practice
- To develop new Board Games for IRD that will be used to familiarize with other religions and promoting religious understanding and tolerance.
- To create a network of multipliers of new Tools/Board Games related to IRD through Europe.

Activity plan

  • Kick off meeting - Dures, Albania ✔
  • Creating project website ✔
  • Creating project logo, project poster and leaflet ✔
  • Research ✔
  • 1st Seminar ✔
  • Development of tools/games ✔
  • Training Course for multipliers ✔
  • Online ongoing evaluation meeting ✔
  • Local CB activities - testing board games and tools ✔
  • 2nd Seminar ✔
  • Manual with different tools - games for IRD (final version) ✔
  • Dissemination conference ✔
  • Final evaluation meeting ✔
  • Evaluation and final report

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